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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 18, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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to the coast, the sneaker waves are developing in the afternoon, starting in the upper 30's to mid-40's and low 50's at noon. everyone will be in the 40's so grab a lighter coat. sue? >> thanks, mike. back to highway 280 in san mateo mountain area beyond 92. what is going on earlier, two cars hit a deer beyond 92, chp is trying to clear the accident so they have temporarily shut down all lanes and you are diverted to highway 92 to 101. traffic is backing up in the area. south 280 is diverted at highway 92 to clear the serious accident. and the overcrossing above 280 there is a four car accident there that is in the clearing stages and the bay bridge toll plaza still a minor delay for
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cash paying folks with no metering lights and no problems and that will remain for the rest of the commute on the upper deck into san francisco. >> 6:02 and now the bay area at the first reported death from this year's flu. the victim was a 98-year-old woman. health officials have not released her name but she suffered from other chronic illnesses. a vaccine clinic will get underway in fremont and we will find abc7 news reporter who joins us live. >> i am told more than 125 people came here to washington hospital in fremont for yesterday's clinic and the hospital is expecting a big turnout this morning as well. if you are ambivalent of getting a flu shot here is information that could sway you. the centers for disease control reports data showing this season's vaccine is reducing the risk of having to go to the doctor for the flu by 60 percent for people who have been
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vaccinated. doctors remind their patients who parents not to forget about themselves. >> if you get yourself or your kids vaccinated and you are not vaccinated you could get the flu and not be able to take care of your kids. it is important to close the loop. >> the centers for disease control says 47 states are spenting wide-spread flu activity. california is the least active states but we have not yet reaped the height of the season. in the state five people have died of the flu this year. one in the bay area as we mentioned. one in sacramento. one around porterville, and two in los angeles. the flu clinic at washington hospital in fremont runs from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. so it is a short window and the shots are $10 each. >> new developments in the hostage situation in algeria.
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about 60 foreign hostages are unaccounted for right now in the stand off with the militants. algeria says there were 132 hostages all together. more than half were freed. the report could not account for the rest. it says special forces resumed nexts after an assault at the b.p. gas plant deep in the desert. in the meantime, we have another news site that receives message from al qaeda linked militants saying they have offered to treat two of the american hostages, rather, trade two of the american hostages two someone that was a mastermind from the world trade center bombing. >> lance armstrong finally confessed, sitting down with oprah and admitting doping after denying for a dozen years.
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>> my cocktail was only epo, not a lot, transfusions, and testosterone, all the fault and all blame falls on me. the criticism is pouring in. katie will join us with that criticism in the next half hour. >> students in the university of california system are relieved after the board said there would be no tuition hike next school year wrapping up three days of meetings in san francisco the governor attended and thanked supporters in helping to get the proposition 30 passed in november. the new budget planned for california will help the system avoid tuition increases but he says the system needs a lot more restructuring. >> the model of higher education is broken. that's absolutely true. going forward, what we do about it, what kind of design change is feasible, that remains to be
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seen. >> it is the second straight year of no tuition increases after the system raised fees every year from 2006 to 2011. >> man is suing a bay area hotel after he was found unconscious suffering from severe carbon monoxide poisoning last november at the embassy suite hotel near the airport. hundred deads of guests were evacuated. it happened live on the abc7 news. the leak was traced to a malfunctioning boiler. he survived the poisoning but he suffered brain injuries and is undergoing rehabilitation. >> a federal judge in san francisco is expected to rule by the end of this month on whether to overturn the ban on public nudity. opponents went to court yesterday and asked the judge to block the law from going into effect on february 1st but the city wants the case then out. attorneys representing the city say the ban is a matter of public health and nudists say it is a violation of free speech.
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a written ruling is expected before the end of the month. >> next we have traffic and weather together on the only news and a like look outside here at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic starting to back medium here. we do have a bill problem southbound 280 south of 92 and sue hall will have that and our meteorologist, mike naturally, will talk about the "spare the air" day. >> man walks in to an apartment store -- into a department start with
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>> it is a friday morning. we have been tracking the fog and it has been thickest in santa rosa. and again this morning. and we could have block ice there because it is below freezing. everyone is in the mid-to-upper 30's to 40's in san francisco and novato. those are the latest temperatures. this afternoon we have sunshine and hazy because of the pollution. it is "spare the air" day and lower to middle 60's. sue? >> a big problem spot, that continues to be in san mateo on the hills beyond 92 we have two cars and a deer and traffic is
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diverted off to 92 at 101. this is temporary but you can expect delays southbound 101 as the traffic is diverted. elsewhere, in cupertino, the overcrossing at 280, an injury accident with emergency crews on the scene. and macarthur maze shows traffic is heavy from 80 westbound headed to the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights yet but traffic is stacking. >> controversial picture snap in a store in utah is creating buzz on facebook. it shows a man with an assault rifle strapped to his back at the cash register with other shoppers standing around. the woman who took the photograph says she was shocked. it is legal to open carry a gun in utah but it must be unloaded and require two actions to fire. the picture was taken on wednesday hours after president obama called for renewed ban on assault weapons.
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what do you think of that? >> it has an extended magazine which would not be let -- legal in california. >> it is legal to carry, but the shoppers standing around like it is nothing, that is stunning. >> it would be stunning in california. there would be a race if the door. >> first lady is getting a lot of attention this morning for her new hair style. we will show you a picture and get reaction from kristen sze. >> coming up first, fighter jets scram being to
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>> daly city, dublin and los
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gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> if you are a maverick fan, a storm system, powerful system, is kicking up the waves and sending them our way for the weekend. we have high pressure over tahoe but the waves come in under that and they will be dangerous this afternoon through sunday. today we are frosty inland and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 30's through 7:00 and low 60's by 4:00, and, then, during the evening, not as cold as it has been, mid-to-upper 40's. saturday, sunday, and monday, the warmest temperatures mid-to-upper 60's saturday and sunday and cooler but nice low-to-mid 60's on monday. >> new video shows a scene in miami after a jetliner and boeing clipped each other with hundreds of passengers the plains of. the officials in miami say the air bus pulled to the gate and clipped the air france 777 which
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was ready to take off but passengers had to get off the plane, both planes suffered some damage. no one was injured. >> another scare for passengers in seattle. fighter jets scrambled after someone called the f.b.i. and reported a man on the alaska airlines flight from hawaii to seattle could hijack the plane. the plane landed safely. agents questioned one man and searched the plane if -- for explosives. he slept the whole way. they let him go. >> in can, a five gallon bucket of cleaning solution left a hole in a southern california business. the military is to blame. employees in san diego auto shop arrived at work to find a hole in the roof. they found an av and five other cars damaged. they learned a five gallon bucket fell off an mv222 osprey
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and it was tied to the aircraft but came loose. >> hundreds of lawsuits involving death and injury in toyota vehicles has been settled involving a couple killed when their vehicle slammed into a wall in utah. toyota has not disclosed the financial terms and the remaining lawsuits are not affected. last month, toyota agreed to pay more than $1 billion to resolve hundreds of lawsuits involving economic losses from toyota owners. >> the co-founder of whole foods is apologizing after comparing president obama's health care reform to fascism. he made the comments this week in an interview with npr and now he went online yesterday and attempted to clarify his remarks saying he regrets using the term because it "stirs up too be negative emotion with the horrific association in the 20 the century."
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he said that he wants health care to be more competitive and will now refer to president obama's health care reform as "government controlled health care." >> controlled environment weather, not exactly. we have no control. >> despite what you hear there is no government controlled weather. yet. right? >> here we go. we are already getting in trouble for other's forecast and now you are doing that. i got an e-mail someone yelling at me about cupertino. 6:18. good morning to you. it is friday. we made it. the embarcardero, downtown san francisco, the trees are not moving. it is still outside. we will look at live doppler 7 hd. high pressure is over us. a lost dry air is detected. a little bit of pollution.
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that is another spare pair -- "spare the air" day. we could have a couple more on saturday and sunday. 27 in sap that rose and 30 in napa and concord. those are the only stations freezing. mid-to-upper 30's in fremont and redwood city and low-to-mid 40's in oakland and novato of the san francisco is 48. temperature of 31 in gilroy to 45 in salinas, the extremes around monterey bay. more warming. more poor air quality. rough surf today. worst through the weekend. next chance of rain possibly is in two weeks -- next month. we are four degrees warmer in napa than average, san francisco is five degrees warmer, and live more and oakland seven degrees warmer-than-average this
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afternoon. if you get a chance to step out, low-to-mid 60's at fremont at 66. monterey bay, too. and a few 70's around salinas. tonight, we will have frost inland. but not around the bay and to the coast with mid-30's to low 40s. sneaker waves possibility tonight through tomorrow morning. and steady big waves saturday at 10:00 through sunday at 4:00 p.m. so saturday 10:00 a.m. until sunday 4:00 p.m. and in the middle of that is maverick at half moon bay. you are in the 60's by 11:00 and mid-60 in the afternoon. gorgeous at the coast but for the dangerous coast. mid-to-upper 60's for highs this weekend and back to the 50's wednesday and thursday. it will still be dries though. >> headed to the coast especially half moon bay expect major delays on highway 92.
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san mateo area southbound 280 beyond 92 that accident has been clear where two cars and several deer and chp had to shut down the southbound 280 to clear that up. it is now re-opened. traffic is getting by without delay. elsewhere, we have good looking dry on 80 westbound into macarthur maze. it is crowded but no major stalls or accidents. funneling to the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights have just been turned on. >> thank you. the family update from giant world series mvp after his hospitalization in venezuela. >> she is closely watched for every style move she makes. first lady this morning is creating new buzz with the brand new hairdo.
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>> welcome back, we will look at radar across the entire state. it is quiet. you will not have weather worries if you are traveling around the state this weekend. our temperatures are warming from the upper 50's to low 60's in the central valley to 64 in big sur. tahoe has now new per -- mother nature-based show. if you are headed to los
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angeles, check out the temperature, 80 degrees with sunshine. kristen? >> new video showing first lady celebrating her 49th birthday. she and president obama went to dinner last night in washington, dc. they dined at cafe milano in georgetown. you may have noticed the first lady's new haircut. she has bangs. the first lady tweeted the photo on her new twitter account. twitter is abuzz, people loving the the bangs. >> the white house has the new official photo of president obama, he is all smiles as he begins the second term as commander in chief. abc7's coverage of the president's inauguration begins monday at 4:00 a.m. with a special abc's "good morning
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america" and we will steam live from washington, dc at 6:30 a.m. >> giants third baseman is recovering in venezuela hospital. the panda, the mvp of the world series has been diagnosed with inflamed colon. he is playing winter ball in venezuela and should be fine in a few days. >> still ahead at 6:30, the new damaging information now surfacing in the fake girlfriend scandal surrounding a star notre dame football player. >> cycling confession from lance armstrong. what is next for the disgraced athlete after admitting he lied, cheateds and bullied others for years. >> the mother of a toddler is in a lost trouble this morning with police for lying about the attempted kidnapping of her very own daughter.
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>> and metering lights are on with a minor delay and the early accident on the pens -- peninsula is all clear and all lanes are re-opened so that is
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is friday, january 18. thank you very much for starting your day with us. we will show you a lovely live picture checking out both sides of the bay. it is crystal clear. still cold in the morning but warmer days are coming. >> mike? >> thank you very much. we coming up on 6:30. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry it is again. there is enough moisture from
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the ground we have frost inland and pollution persists today in the north bay and to san francisco and the san mateo bridge on the if peninsula and south of there to the east bay not having as poor air quality but still under the burning ban. now the bay, we start off same as yesterday. 32 to 38. by launch, mid-50's and in the low-to-mid 50's for the afternoon and low 50's tonight at 7:00 so not so cool for friday evening as it has been the last couple of ensure. we have frost inland up to 37 through 7:00 and mid-to-upper 50's at noon and low 60's headed through 4:00 and you will still be cooler than everyone el at mid-to-upper 40's at 7:00. sneaker waves develop today. be careful. we start off at 38 to 43 and low-to-mid 50's by noon and near 60 in the afternoon.
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now a check of traffic. sue? >> good morning, to you, an update on the peninsula, an early problem with several vehicles and several deer southbound 280 near 92, all cleared. that road is wide open for the commute. san jose, 280 the head lights northbound are busy on the way to cupertino. san mateo bridge is busy with 17-minute delay from hayward area to san mateo and nice eastbound with no delays. from san rafael, marin ymca, 101 southbound, slowing nicely into southern marin and golden gate bridge no problems. only one stall, north 101 at bayshore the off-ramp is partly blocked. >> lance armstrong confessed and apologized to oprah but many are
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not buying it. katie is live with the reaction. >> kristen, critics are not taking it lightly. "usa today" columnist and abc contributor said the interview with oprah did more harm than good and the president of the world antidoping agency says it sounded like he felt he would not have been caught if he did not return to the sport. armstrong admitted he was doping during all seven of the tour de france wins and he says the denying was a big lie he kept repeating and was sorry for accusing other people of being liars. many question if he was sincere. listen. >> i deserve this. i don't say, well, oprah, i am getting so screwed. are there days early when i said that? yes. those days are fewer and fewer and further and further between.
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>> a psychology professor at the university of richmond tells "los angeles times" that it reminds him of tiger woods coming clean, and people hike woods and armstrong it is so foreign to admit wrongdoing that they are out their element and that it can come across as robotic the he called himself jerk and bully and arrogant but, also, a humanitarian. part two of the interview is tonight. >> thank you, katie. damaging new information this information against the notre dame football star claiming to be the victim of a hoax. manti te'o talks of the alleged girlfriend in tv interviews in december as if she were real after he now admits he discovered no such person existed. opinion is divided whether the star linebacker would led notre dame to undefeated season was duped or master minded the online relationship with a
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stanford student would died from leukemia in the fall on the same day as his grandmother actually died. another hoax, involving a south bay mom who claim add man tried to abduct her toddler from her arms. police now say the mother made up the story. abc7 news reporter is live at the san jose police headquarters with the trouble she now is facing. >> it is the question everyone is asking this morning: why would she lie? the story was detailed. terrifying. but now the mother of the toddler is in a lot of trouble with the police if san jose for making the whole thing up. the father says he is not surprised. >> could not get away fast enough. her boots fell off because he pulled hard. >> that was mrs. araujo talking how a strange are tried to kidnap her daughter from her arms in front of their home on tuesday and she said he smelled
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like motor oil. this was an extensive search, a lost police involved, but in the end authorities say it was all a lie. the father who is in a custody battle with araujo says it is 9 latest in a string of lies. >> her friends and my family, she said our daughter has leukemia and a nurse friend asked her of the treatment she received and show came up, she came clean. >> the investigator pushed harder and decided to bring the mother in again and it did not take long and she confessed to fab rating the story. >> i was angry when i heard because i thought she put us through a lot of anxiety. >> the question is, why? a motive is still unknown. she is not talking. san jose police land to press charges against araujo for filing a false police report. that is a misdemeanor. but it could mean up to six
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months in jail and a $1,000 fine. we live in san jose for abc7 news. >> the 70-year-old vallejo man once on death row is arraigned today for the murder his 90-year-old mother. he appeared frail and in a wheelchair in court last week and called application on wednesday and said he killed his mother two months earlier. in 1966 he was sentenced to the gas chamber for the murders of two teen girls. in hayward this morning a fire victim is recovering after being bunked in a house fire last night. a woman was found unconscious but still breathing and she was taken to the hospital. arson investigator is trying to find the cause. >> the national weather service is issuing a beach hazard for the northern california coast through the weekend. people along the shore should be careful of sneaker waves and they can be dangerous. because of the hazards
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spectators are not allowed on the shore for the mavericks surf contest with two dozen surfers from around the world arriving for the contest. several spectators were injured during the last contest in 2010. >> we. have more news and weather but, first, a live look outside at the san mateo bridge with traffic flowing fine and the weather is clear. our meteorologist will have the full forecast on this "spare the air" day and we will check with sue hall in the traffic center. >> also ahead, a woman is dragged open to subway tracks. what happened after this disturbing
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now a look at visibility. i am concern about black ice with half mile visibility with moisture hanging in the air. temperatures are cool up there. they are warmer elsewhere this morning. 27 in santa rosa and 30 in napa and concord and fairfield. those are the freezing spots. everyone else is above freezing. we are on the way low-to-mid 60's with hazy sunshine because of the pollution. we will be in the mid-to-upper 60's saturday and sunday and low-to-mid 60's for monday. sue? >> good morning, everyone. metering lights is been on for 20 minutes at the bay bridge toll plaza with just a little snack -- stacking. from the central valley, you are looking good, but, then, to the altamont pass, it slows moving through livermore and the dublin/pleasanton area, and still looking at over 25 minutes for that drive. out of antioch, very slow, very
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typical, and you work your way to pittsburg it picks up on the drive to concord. elsewhere we checked in with bart and muni and caltrain and everyone is on time and it is a "spare the air" day so a great alternate. now, a live look in san rafael going forward and southbound it is looking good from marin county. christian -- kristen? >> a man in philadelphia has been arrested after throwing a young woman on the subway tracks. it was caught on camera on tuesday. the man beat the woman before dragging her by the ankles and throwing her on the tracks below. he then picks up her phone and walks off the she climbed back on the platform before a train arrived. police arrested the man yesterday. >> 6:42. ahead the bay area flu clinic kicking off in 15 minutes.
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>> trading is underway on wall street. here is the big board right now, it is flat and barely up. we will go live to jane king
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>> petaluma and san mateo and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is radar, across the entire state. it is dry headed out to nevada and arizona and utah and toward oregon and washington. warmer weather today, and upper 50's to low 60's through the central valley and big sur. headed to the sierra, no new snow but plenty of snow and 40's but watch out for the sun you could get sunburned with all the
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reflecting snow. 80 and sunshine in los angeles! >> now to josh with a preview of what is coming up on "good morning america" in 15 minutes. kristen and eric, a good friday morning. coming up here, lots to get to including lance armstrong would last night in the first of a two-part interview with oprah came clean to a degree about doping. we will talk this morning, then, to a former friend of armstrong who was part of the inner circumstance circle until he turned on her for turning truth about the drug abuse. all next right here on "good morning america" next. >> health officials tell people to prepare if a spike in flu cases in the next few weeks. in a few minutes, a clinic in fremont will get underway and it is expected to be packed house. and we are joined hive -- live from fremont.
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>> day two of two of the influence clinics. it is expected to be a big town out. yesterday more than 125 people came. this morning, it is quiet so maybe you should try to sneak in at 7:00 a.m. and get if there before you head off to work or school. if you have been vaccinated, the centers for disease control reports early data that show this season's vaccine is reducing those people's risk of having to go to the doctor for the flu by 60 percent. doctors remind patients who are paints it not -- parents to get vaccinations, too. there have been five flu-related deaths in san francisco, a 98-year-old woman with other health problems. the flu vaccine clinic is in fremont running from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and the cost for each vaccination is $10.
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thank you very much. at 6:47. the countdown is on for sunday 49er playoff game, being a faithful is all in the family for this family from san ramon, they got right on the 50-yard line at candlestick. the proud grandmother sent in this picture of the youngest 49er fans in the family. love to see your pictures and you can mail them to and we will post them at our sports reporter is in atlanta to cover the game with the first reports airing later today right here. >> former 49er super bowl wide receiver. >> he has the ring to proven -- prove it. >> and san francisco is picked to roll out the new menu
6:47 am
offering. >> and a new fuel efficient s.u.v. on the market. jane king? 700 mile on a tank? is that right? >> that is amazing. chrysler says the new jeep will get a grown makeover and the 2014 model can ride 700 miles between fill ups getting 30 miles per hour on the highway and has come a long way since 2009 when it was the most traded in vehicle during the "cash for clunkers" program. the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq look like this, it could be a day called a waste of a clean shirt. not a lost movement. and bloomburg silicon valley index is cloning lower.
6:48 am
vegetarians will have something new to try at chipolte, but their cost the burrito is going up because of higher food costs so they may is to raise menu prices. whether you love or hate mcdonald's, several chains are using value to service and found that only 22 percent of continue done customers say they were extremely satisfied with their last visit. that was the lowest score among all the restaurants. but the same people also said they were extremely likely to visit the restaurant again. this is the fast cheap place to eat and it is convenient. >> jane, thank you very much. >> a lot of talk about food. it is making us hungry for breakfast. >> we have a work to get through first. >> ten minutes let of work. >> it is cold. that adds to the feeling of,
6:49 am
come on! >> feed yourself, get some energy, and stay warm. 6:50 and from mount tamalpais it is windy and breezy and not as sometime as it has been early in the week but the haze is there with a "spare the air" day and no burning of wood. we are waiting for another storm to come in from the west but it will wait. it will detect all this dry air and the pollution. everyone is doing better this morning as far as freezing. concord and fairfield, still have a chance of black ice. 37 at gilroy. 45 in salinas and upper 30's to low 40's around the monterey bay. more warmth today, and we have poor air quality with that. rough surf builds until sunday
6:50 am
and the next rain is not next two weeks. we are seven degrees warmer in livermore and oakland, and temperatures are getting up there. we have made it to the above average temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's. coolest in fairfield at 60 and fremont is a warm spot at 66. and inland, upper 60's to low 70's an salinas. scattered frost is possible inland flirting with freezing. and middle 30's is as cold as it gets and let to mid 40's around oakland and san francisco and half moon bay. now, the beaches will be great. this afternoon, sneaker waves. stronger waves ahead of the stronger waves that come in on saturday morning at 10:00 through sunday at 4:00 when we have the dangerous rip currents. if you are headed to half moon bay, maverick festivities start
6:51 am
at 8:00. and at 11:00 through the end of the festivities at sunset, temperatures are going to be in the 60's! energy -- so enjoy it. mid-to-upper 60's saturday and sunday and low-to-mid 60's monday and tuesday and back in the upper 50's and 60's which is normal on wednesday and thursday. >> a long holiday weekend for most folks with traffic this afternoon going to be rather crowded. right now we have one major issue northbound 238, a stalled big rig in the right lane and traffic is jam packed on to 580 because of the big rig in the castro valley area. 230 is sold out is how we say it. and the drive times include 101 from santa rosa, highway 85 under 20 minutes. we have light traffic conditions
6:52 am
but it is getting heavier on the westbound 92 section of the san mateo bridge, the flat section toward foster third expect 20 minutes from hayward to the peninsula. and 80 westbound from the macarthur maze it is busy here. metering lights are on on and the speeds are 30 to 35 miles per hour. >> it is 6:53. we need a chair repairman. six things to know before you go just ahead. the morning news is
6:53 am
>> we are ready to hand off to "good morning america", but five things to know before you go. get ready for a spike in flu cases. clinics are preparing with more orders of the flu vaccine and a
6:54 am
98-year-old woman is confirmed as the first flu death. >> a san jose mother could face charges after admitting she made up a story of a stranger trying to wrestle her daughter out of her arms. the father tells abc the fake attempted abduction story is the late fest a string of lies. >> disgraced cyclist lance armstrong says he is a flawed clark in an interview with oprah saying he doped to create a level playing field. critics are calling him the biggest liar in sports history. part two of the interview is tonight. >> safety officials and boeing inspectors are in japan examining the dream liner that made an emergency landing this week looking at battery which was 10 pounds lighter after leaking so much fluid. >> 24 of the top big wave riders of the world are ready for the maverick surf contest on sunday in half moon bay kicking off at 8:00 a.m. and the national
6:55 am
weather service has issued a beach hazard for the coast through the weekend so sneaker waves are possible. >> now we can go to the weather. sue or mike? >> "spare the air" today and it will be cold this morning or this evening, you may want a fire, don't do it or you have to pay. the worst air quality is in the north bay to the peninsula and the san mateo bridge. we have sunshine. upper 50's to mid-60's on the coast and low-to-upper 60's in the bay. enjoy the sunshine. >> you cannot expect delays if you are headed to the coast on highway 92 and one because of the maverick. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is sluggish on the upper dick with a stalled big risk north 238 at 880 backing traffic to the dublin grade on 580 so it is a rough one there.
6:56 am
>> thank you, sue. guess who was wearing the niners color this morning? >> way to represent us, thank you. >> we continue in 25 news with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america" and we are always on at and at
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good morning, america.
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breaking now, the battle for those american hostages. a confusing and dangerous situation. american citizens caught in the crossfire between troops and al qaeda militants. we'll hear incredible stories of survival from those who escaped. martha raddatz is live from the region. lance's stunning life revealed. confessing he made a perfect story. saying he doped during all seven tour wins. >> i've used this situation as one, big lie. that i repeated a lot. >> this wommorning, the woman we life he ruined with vicious attacks, speaks out, live. >> were


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